2012 in monochrome / by Jaakko Paarvala

Looking back in 2012 I noticed how there's a trend going towards more colorful pictures, some of them look like shot with Velvia transparency with super-saturated colours. And I always thought to lean more on scarce palette. Ok, let's forget about the colour for a moment.

Blizzard in Helsinki



Winter 2012 in Helsinki was a good old fashioned one, as they say and now in the turn of the year it's even more so. Snowfalls, strong contrasts, people covered with snow.

Yeti in Helsinki

From the above

Some of the more personal shots include me (selfies, not again) and people close to me.

Good morning!



On the more graphical side of things there're a few decent ones
In the grand scheme of things


Ball possession

She said it's complicated

Let's give the eye a rest from my "subject in the corner as much as possible"-fetish and finish this post with a more friendly composition.

Us two forever