Self-portraits 2012 / by Jaakko Paarvala

It's time to sit down and have a look on my favorite selfies in 2012. My reasons for doing these portraits are probably the same as many other photographers have. Instantly and always available model whenever the inspiration strikes is convenient. 


                                                                                                   Many times a particular location lends itself to spontaneous shoot where all you need is a person in the scene to make everything click. 

The long afterski


Sometimes I think myself as a character in a play, actor in a single-frame movie perhaps. Also trying new things and challenging yourself to experiments without the fear of failing and disappointing the subject or client.


Ropes of flying

Introspection is a reason for many to do self-portraits, including me. What I like the most in the works of great self-portrait artists is the unglorified, deep expression that tells something about the subject without the words.


Does the image reflect something from the time being made? Sure, and maybe in a year it'll be even more obvious.